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December 15, 2012 in Family

LGK photography recently had the privilege to take photos of the Molina family, which included Mark, Crissy, their son Jordan, and his partner in crime Lilo. They are another family that we’ve known for a few years now, and when they asked LGK to take their family photos, we couldn’t resist.

While our own children were fast asleep on a cloudy Sunday morning, Jordan was up at the crack of dawn already active as can be and Crissy was stunning as usual.  Mark on the other hand, looked like he could have used a few extra hours of sleep.  Just kidding Mark, we all know you looked like a model from the Old Spice commercials that day.

This was definitely a fun photo shoot, but challenging as well. Anyone who has photographed young children knows that it’s a challenge to take photos of young children, because kids at that age don’t understand the concept of saying cheese, staying still, or looking at the camera on command. But on the flip side kids also allow photographers to capture their genuine emotions, from one second being calm and loving, to the next being silly and active. Jordan is a super cute kid who the camera can’t seem to stay away from. Overall, it was a great session and we hoped to have captured their family in a way that showed their true happiness.

November 26, 2012 in Family

Yesterday, LGK Photography met up with one of our favorite families, the Daluz family. Owen, Janesh, and Aubrey are long time friends of ours and yesterday we had the great pleasure of shooting a photo session for them. We’ve known Janesh ever since we were all in jr. high school, back when life was ever so simple. It’s great to see Janesh all grown up now with her fun and awesome family.  Within our inner group of high school friends Janesh and Owen were the first couple to have a child and so you can kind of say that they started the trend. Since then, pretty much all of the people in our circle of friends either are expecting a kid, have one, or even have multiple. Their five year old daughter Aubrey is such a little sweet and cute girl who we can all only hope that our own children can take after.  Her cute and awesome personality is a direct reflection of how great of parents both Owen and Janesh are.

Janesh contacted us regarding the photo session because she wanted to have family photos for a couple of different reasons. One, she wanted to have some up to date pictures of the three of them so that she could use them as christmas cards. Reason two,  on December 12th her and Owen her “Boy Toy” are finally making their family “official”. After many years of being together Owen and Janesh are going to a have a civil ceremony to tie the knot. We at LGK Photography couldn’t be any happier for these two individuals who both absolutely deserve one another.

For this special photo session we knew that since Owen is a huge sports fan we had to incorporate some type of sports theme to it. We decided to take some shots at Olympian high school football field to give it that athletic sports look. One of Owens favorite sports is football and so you  know we had to take some shots of him tossing around the ole pigskin. It also looks like his dominant sports gene got passed on down to little miss Aubrey because she’s a soccer natural. Many of those who know Owen should know that one of his favorite teams is the Oregon Ducks. We still wonder whether his infatuation with the team is more due to the big letter O that they use as their team logo or is it due to the fact that the teams mascot is a duck? Now those of you who know Janesh must know that she’s a duck lover. She’s loved ducks for as long as we can remember her and so for that reason it was also fitting that we took some shots at Heritage park right in front of the duck pond.